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You ever realized how in the Bible Kings won battle even ones that where not Kings 🤔.. First they where obedient to the Lord and covered by God, Because of that,God showed them the way, show them how and lead them to be undefeated, UNTIL they let flesh take over..😔 We need to be stronger THEN desires of the flesh... I'm not exempt I have my weaknesses, but my ultimate goal is to follow God 💖💖....Kings they also won because the people that God had ordained and the angels work together to defe

at the Army.... People of Christ Finders work please Together God is love🥰🤗 ...Whatever God has you to do, encourage one another... yes prophet, teachers, Bishop, but he has leader too but we are in this battles together so the point today is standing ❤ Let the Lord lead you there is a purpose for you/us and his thoughts for you/us are good So to God you to Glory for just being God alone and for blessing us with him and people that loves God and wants to make him happy and because God has blessed us with the peace that we have and to help encourage others to know that the lord loves them and gives us all peace that passes all understanding through all that we go through in this life🫂...Sincerely Christ Finders🕊💖

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