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Your God Image.. Beautiful..

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Let's be serious ..

There are going to be things that we do not feel is perfect, Either about us, our past, even our futures ..When it boils down to everything, you are still made in God's image ... Like they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and if God created you the way he did , Which he did .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.. There will be people that doesn't agree with how we look, but we're not made for everyone!!! so that's okay ...God has a purpose, and the purpose is for whoever he has for you in marriage, a friendship, and even in business ...Do not let no one get in the way of you being the best you in life ...Of course not running people down by doing horrible things to them to get there, God don't bless that type of action, and whatever we do we have to answer to the father about it , Mite not be rite away, but please repent for the wrong we do ! Please stay away from that path again.... So do it in the righteous steps, An the will of God.. It will be much more of peace to receive, and it'll feel much better ... So I hope you all receive all the great things God have for you .. Sincerely Christ Finders🕊🙏💖...

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