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Yes we're gone cry sometimes....

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

See sometimes you go through things and you just one have peace about it .. God rains on the just and the unjust but he will give you peace through it ..The Lord is with you to help you in your walk in this life .. Without him?? Well I can't say God don't bless you will peace with out this walk but it's not to the same peace God give his children.. He does something to get your attention... ?? Who do you call on when you in hurt, pain, lost, broken wish you someone.. God the name of God/Jesus/Lord/Yashua is who you call on so think about it if he blessed you in just calling his name when you aren't in the greatest standing for him in life and you walk .. Imagine if you was walking in great standing how great he will be in you and your life and people you know and love ... So please know the difference we are on the earth not of the earth 🌹🥰🌹🥰 God bless on the Sincerely Christfinders 🕊💖

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