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The Story of Christ Finders

LOVING ON THE LORD  and Being Thankful of All God Goodness🕊 

Blessings..  Welcome all Christ Finders and all looking to know how, and what Christ is about.. We are all one body in the spirit through Christ Jesus.  Hi..I'm Imperfection looking to the Lord  to stay on the road to get God kind of perfection.. LIKE IN THE BIBLE VERSES.. MATTHEW 7:13-14 KJV .. 13 Enter Ye In at The Straight Gate :For Wide is the Gate  and Broad is Way,That Leadeth TO DESTUCTION ,and MANY there be which go in THERE AT...14 BECAUSE STAIGHT IS THE GATE ,and NARROW IS THE WAY ,WHICH LEADETH UNTO LIFE ,and A FEW THERE  BE THAT FINDS IT..  ....... Hi.. I'm Z..... I'm just one of many that LOVES THE LORD... I'm so glad that OUR FATHER GOD WHO LOVES  ME AS HIS CHILD let alone someone HE HAS ON HIS MIND... I'M SO GREATFUL.!!!!...I KNOW YOU ARE TOO BECAUSE YOU ARE CHILD OF GOD ..SO SMILE YOU ARE LOVED 🙂😊Christfinders is a place that we get to tell our story as we live life on Earth that Our Lord has blessed us to be here... No I was not perfect when I got where I am, and I sure have my ups and down God is the only perfect. Thank God for Grace ..but I'm striving to be better then I was back then\now... (Christfinders was not something I came up with.. Nope not me... ALL IS FROM THE LORD, This is what he wants me to do so here we go. ( MY Path )....This is me being HONEST, LEAD, ENCOURAGING, HELPING, SPEAKING, BLOGGING, SHARING, May be even short videos, just being me as the LORD leads me, and there will be some okay post from you as well short stores for the blessing God has brought you through, or blessed you with, or just something he told you in your walk as well.. but there will not going to okay things on here that are inappropriate.  This is for young kids too, so all ages are welcome... so I plead to you to not show naked pics, open scares please, not to teach negative, not all people has that type of strength to see or hear things you can message me to ask about thing, not guaranteed all will be answered rite away so please forgive me a head of time. YOU ARE NOT BEING IGNORED just haven't got to it just yet PLEASE FORGIVE ME..There are things in life i have to do, to help Build the Kingdom and so do you .. I really want us to be real with on how God wants us to help each other TO WALK THE NARROW PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS .. I hope to have a really fun time with this site as the LORD leads and we can encourage each other with LOVE. JEREMIAH 31:3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying,Yea I HAVE LOVED THEE WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE: THERE FOR WITH LOVING KINDNESS HAVE I DRAWN THEE.. so the way he walked is the way we are to be.. but strong in the Lord... No this is not for show this is to glorify OUR GOD .. and as we all walk into what the LORD has for us and has me do IN THIS BLOG.. YESSS I give GOD ALL THE GLORY 😊😊😇😇🥰 everyone won't understand where i'm coming from when I say it.. IT'S ok I hope as we show and encourage  that you will come to feel and see how GOD Is through our walk together...As the Lord leads. and LOTS of you will understand me in it 😊😊🥰 I REALLY HOPE TO GET THE CHANCE TO READ YOUR SHARED STORES AS WE WALK OUR PATH WITH THE LORD 🥰🥰💗 SO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & INVITE a Friend and or Family WE ALL NEED THE LORD... and if you like to sow\bless in my life we welcome you too .. but this is not about that.. DO ONLY WHAT THE LORD LEAD YOU TO DO.. God Bless....

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God is perfect in all his was ..🙌🏽💖

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